The National Parks Australia Council (NPAC) has a mission to protect, promote and extend national park systems within Australia.

NPAC was formed in 1975. We are a national body that coordinates and represents the views of a range of State and Territory non-government organisations concerned with protecting the natural environment and furthering national parks. NPAC provides a forum for regular communication between State and Territory National Parks Associations and acts as a united voice supporting conservation of the National Reserve System across Australia. We are also a member of the Australia Committee for the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

NPAC's role

NPAC’s initial focus was on supporting and increasing the effectiveness of organisations with a specific interest in terrestrial and marine national parks. Over time, our work has extended to cover broader conservation and management issues which may affect established and future national parks.

NPAC’s constitution lays out a range of roles for the organisation, including facilitating communication and co-operative activities between state and territory organisations with a special interest in national parks; considering matters of common interest and establishing common policy; liaising with governments and international bodies about national parks; and supporting research and education relating to national parks.


  1. To provide a means whereby non-government bodies having a special interest in national parks from each state and from the territories can have regular and formal communication.
  2. To consider matters of common interest to members and where practicable to establish common policy.
  3. To facilitate co-operative activities of members at a national level.
  4. To act as spokesperson on matters of policy.
  5. To identify priorities for promotion of national parks within Australia.
  6. To confer and liaise with any government on any matter relating to national parks.
  7. To confer and liaise with foreign and international bodies interested in national parks.
  8. To sponsor or engage in publishing educational material and research in any field related to national parks, either alone or in co-operation with others.
  9. To establish and maintain in Australia a public fund called the "National Parks Australia Council Tax Deductible Donations Fund" for the specific purpose of supporting the Environmental Objects of the National Parks Australia Council. The "National Parks Australia Council Tax Deductible Donations Fund" must comply with the requirements of subdivision 30-E of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

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