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    NPA’s founders had a vision of a strong, well-managed system of national parks in NSW. This is still a core part of NPA’s mission. We run campaigns and education programs to support good management of protected areas such as national parks, and to oppose uses or development of our reserves that undermine their conservation values.
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Together we can!  

NPA has a proud track record of well-informed reports documenting high value conservation areas including in the greater Sydney region. In particular, the Enduring Landscapes report, written by John Macris for Sydney Branch with input from Macarthur and South Sydney Branches, sets out the history of change with some suggestions for new initiatives to protect what remains of our natural landscape  

The establishment of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) just over a year ago, along with mooted changes to the Environment & Planning Act provide a window of opportunity to press for planning frameworks to better retain something of Sydney’s original nature, and to link and foster a greener Sydney for the long term benefit of all. 

The six District Plans under the GSC  (http://www.greater.sydney/my-district) are out for comment until the end of March 2017, are intended to provide a district wide strategic direction for interpretation by authorities and at a local level.    A strong green push is needed as conservation strategies for western Sydney are considered. Meanwhile new proposals to change the current Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 are mooted (http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/Policy-and-Legislation/Legislative-Updates

The Nature Conservation Council through its Working Groups including the Planning Working Group which includes NPA members, is doing great work in articulating the big picture elements for an ecologically sustainable outcome, much the of detailed implementation will depends on the fineprint of regional, district and local plans.  The Better Planning Network and the Total Environment Centre are also working on these issues from their perspectives.   The particular concerns of NPA, with its background knowledge and experience of natural areas and their intrinsic importance, as well as value for recreation, need to also be heard. A few of us are working on this but capacity is limited:  if you can help -  please get in touch by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yesterday’s revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald[1] (SMH) that the Baird government has dipped into the Climate Change Fund to find the $240 million for private land conservation is the latest piece of worrying Coalition climate policy says the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA).


The $240 million has been repeatedly touted by the government as being a safety net against a return to broad scale land clearing resulting from the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act, but has been labelled by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists as ‘a taxpayer subsidy to farmers to clear land’[2].

Now it appears that it’s to come from a fund designed to mitigate climate change[3].

The NSW Nature Conservation Council and NSW National Parks Association are calling for a full public investigation into the political interference in the enforcement of land-clearing laws following revelations by the ABC Lateline program last night. [1]

Last night’s program exposed the grubby background to the Baird governments’ controversial land clearing laws, set to pass through NSW Parliament today, including illegal clearing of Crown land, political intimidation and interference in land-clearing investigations, distressed farmers who have been used as political pawns, and murder of public officials.

The groups are also demanding the Baird government withdraw new land-clearing laws that are currently before parliament until the investigations are completed.