• Citizen Science

    We run a range of citizen science initiatives which provide you with the opportunity to assist directly with the conservation of some of your favourite species, by collecting valuable data. By taking part in our surveys you are helping us to answer important questions about our plants and animals, which can then be used to help inform decision makers and raise awareness.
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Who’s Living on my Land?

Our Who’s living on my Land? (WLOML) citizen science survey engages landholders to use infrared motion detection cameras to document the native and pest species living on their properties. Images and videos taken during the two week survey are sent back to NPA's Citizen Science Officers who identify the species, and then send a report back to the participants listing what was found.   

The survey aims to fill a gap in data of species living or crossing private land in NSW. ‘WildCount’ run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), records species on public land. WLOML provides valuable baseline information for measuring change in the landscape, and helps to build a more complete picture of our biodiversity. 

Workshops are run across NSW to engage landholders and to train them on how to set up the cameras and make their own lures. Participants then have a chance to loan a camera and take part in the survey.

WLOML is supported by a grant from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.

Visit https://whoslivingonmyland.org for more information on this exciting project including landholder resources, images and videos from past projects and details of upcoming workshops.