• NPA Citizen Scientists

    Do you have a passion for conservation? Do you feel more needs to be done to protect our wildlife? Why not be an NPA Citizen Scientist? We are currently recruiting passionate conservationists to take part in surveys that will help us answer important questions about our declining fauna and flora. All the data you collect will be available to inform decision makers and the public.
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NPA Citizen Scientists

Everyone can do their bit in helping us to better understand and protect NSW wildlife!

We are running “Citizen Science" programs for our members and the public that provide an opportunity to explore the natural world, gain a greater understanding of its beauty, its gifts and its fragility, and maintain people’s connection with nature.

As a Citizen Scientist, you will be collecting data about wildlife or natural areas. All of our programs are carefully designed to be rigorous and systematic and achieve clear outcomes. 

This means that the data you collect will have a real impact on preserving the biodiversity in your area. The results of our Citizen Science programs will address important scientific questions and provide vital information to decision makers.

All the data collected by NPA Citizen Scientists will be put into the Atlas of Living Australia and made available to the public.

Get involved:

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