• Biodiversity Conservation

    NSW is home to the unique and iconic wildlife and ecosystems, both within and outside of protected areas. NPA is involved in a range of projects to educate the community and help protect the biodiversity of NSW from the many threats it faces, such as habitat loss, urban development and human population growth, the effects of climate change and the impacts of feral animals and weeds.
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Twelve months after a summit of concerned citizens and community groups called for an inquiry into the management of Crown lands, the NSW Upper House is looking into this important issue.

Pseudo zoos and tokenistic gestures seem to be the vision for Australia's wildlife, says the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) on the Commonwealth's new Threatened Species Strategy.

“NPA stands apart from most other Australian conservation groups due to the magnitude of the on-ground, practical, local and State-wide work of over 500 active volunteers.  A system of annual awards has been established to publicly recognise exceptional and tireless efforts of NPA volunteers,” said Kevin Evans, CEO National Parks Association of NSW.